Norway Will Punish China With Arctic Council Card

China has introduced sanctions against Norway as soon as the Nobel Peace prize is announced to be given to the Chinese dissinent, Liu xiabo

As long as China’s authorities do not want to talk with their Norwegian counterparts, Norway will vote no to China’s application to become a permanent observer to the Arctic Council, according to Norwegian daily Aftenposten talking to high renk diplomats.

Although the Norwegian government has stressed that the Nobel committee is independent, Beijing has punished its host nation with political and economic sanctions.

Until now, Norway has tried to use quiet diplomacy to ease the situation but, with little sign of progress.

China’s interest in the Arctic Council is mainly due to the potential commercial opportunities in the region when the ice melts and thus creating new opportunities for shipping. Ships to Europe from Asia will save about 4000 km by sailing along the North America rather than using the current route via the Panama Canal.

Beijing authorities are also interested in exploring the possibility of recovering rare minerals in the area.

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