– Utøya Massacre Might Be a Warning from God about Israel

According to local newspaper, Sarpsborg Avisen, Last wednesday, Sarpsborg KrF arranged an open meeting where all interested parties were welcomed. The advertised speaker was Peter Haakonsen and the theme of his speech was “Anti-Semitic attitudes in Norway and among Christians”.

The newspaper has been granted access to the manuscript of the speech Haakonsen held during the meeting. There, he said, among other things, that “Utøya massacre can be seen in light of the increasingly inflamed relations between Israel and Norway and the diplomatic controversies that have been experienced recently.”

He also pointed out that Alexander Kielland platform accident, in which 123 people were killed in 1980, occurred shortly after Norway refused to sell oil to Israel.

It is thought that the two major tragedies in Norway can be linked to Norway's relations with Israel. Instinctively, we must ask: Could these accidents have been avoided if we had had a more positive relationship with Israel?“, writes Haakonsen in his script.

Talking to Sarpsborg Avisen, Haakonsen said he stands for everything in the manuscript, and he would be happy and keep this speech in Sarpsborg. He also added the warnings in his speech apply to the Norwegian people as a whole, not just the Labour Party and Labour Youth Organization.

On the other hand, Christian Democratic Party leader Knut Arild Hareide told Nettavisen that he rejects the allegations that the massacre of Labour Youth League summer camp can be seen in light of the Norwegian-Israel policy and is an expression of God's wrath.

This is totally unacceptable. What happened on Utøya last summer was completely pointless and nothing else, says Hareide.

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