Swedish STV Bans Breivik's Song

According to NRK's report, it was in last week's episode of the children's program "Wild Kids". The song, which was first known as the soundtrack to the movie "Requiem for a Dream" and then used in "Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers," was to be used as background music.

After STV realized that the 22 July terrorist, Breivik defined "Lux Aeterna" as one of the pieces of music he listened, while he was carrying out the murders of Utøya. Then, they chose to cut away the entire track from the program.

– We do not want our great program, which takes place on an island in the archipelago of children and adolescents could be associated with the cruel actions, says program manager Kristina Colliander to P4 Väst .

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, Norwegian singer Helene Bøksle had also reacted strongly that she is among the artists and composers Breivik has cited as his sources of inspiration.

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