Astronomic Increase in Visa Applications Fees Worries Students

With this decision that has been in force from January 1, 2012, a person applying for residence permit will pay 2.500 NOK, while applicants for permanent residence permits are to pay 1.900 NOK. Also, the application fee for citizenship has increased to 3.500 NOK. Family immigration permit has been also affected with the pay raise. Accordingly, first time applicants will pay 3.750 NOK and renewal fee will be 1.100 NOK.

However, children who are younger than 18, EEA nationals or their close family members who have right of residence or are applying for an EEA residence card, asylum seekers applying for protection or a renewed permit, and victims of human trafficking have been exempted from all fees.

Selcuk Celik, a student at Oslo University College, reacted to more than 100 percent increase. He stated they should have made a special regulation for students by reminding all students have to pay this fee every year to renew their residence permit.

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