Three Ticket Controllers Stabbed at Tram in Oslo

The incident happened during a ticket control, says police officer Hilde Grøtterud to VG Nett. According to NTB, there were two men and a woman who were stabbed. They were sent to the hospital, on the other hand it was reported that none of them are seriously injured. 

At 13 pm, the police arrested a man, around 40 years old, who apparently ran away from the crime scene. 

The suspect went to the police headquarter and was recognized by the inspectors and arrested immediately. 


In Oslo, once you have your tickets, you can board the train. There are no gates, turnstiles or ticket validation meters and no conductors to take your tickets. Ticket inspectors periodically board trains to check for ticket compliance. The inspectors usually work in groups. The fine if you are caught riding without a ticket is up to 900 NOK.

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