Several Hospitalized after New Year Celebrations

In Bergen, a 43-year-old man and 18 year old man were seriously injured in connection with the fireworks launch in Sotra. Also, two girls of seven and eleven years were slightly injured in connection with New Year celebrations in the Geiteryggen area outside Bergen.

In Oslo, a man lost two fingers while he was litting illegal fireworks in the City Hall where around 40,000 people had gathered to watch the fireworks shows.

In Risør, a 20-year-old man got major injuries on his face after he was hit by fireworks. According to Agderposten, doctors at the hospital in Arendal are not sure whether the man can see after the operations.

During the municipal fireworks show in Trondheim, a serious accident happened. The fireowrks did not rise up enough and went toward the audience in the city square. According to fire department and police having moved to the area, nobody was injured. New Year's celebrations continued with the launch of the fireworks right after the clearence of the case in Trondheim.

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