We Searched for Them, They Searched for Us

Millions of searches are conducted each day on popular search engines by people in Norway. What are they looking for? The answer is provided by the popular search engines’ annual statistics, providing a way to glimpse into the web's query stream to discover the most popular search keywords in Norway.

Google’s localized Norwegian site, by providing search trends, maps and shows what Norwegian internet users searched in 2011 with Google. According to stats provided by Google Insights, for Norwegians, the number one searched word was “Facebook.” Even though 2.5 million Norwegians on average use Facebook for half an hour each day, it is obvious that many still need help from the leading search engine to remember the commonly used URL. "Google", "Oslo", and "YouTube" follow “Facebook”, as dirty words are censored on the trend list of

The champion of this year for the Norway-based search engine Kvasir is also the popular social networking site “Facebook”. We also find the traditionally popular websites, Finn (Norwegian online marketplace), Yr (Norwegian website for weather forecasts), Norsk tipping (Norwegian Betting), Vg (Norwegian daily newspaper) on the top of the list by Kvasir, where about 1 million daily searches are done. 

What Norway Searched for

Here is a quick introduction to what the Norwegians searched for this year.

The most searched celebrities in Kvasir in 2011:

1. Aylar Lie

2. Alexander Rybak

3. Triana Iglesias

4. Therese Johaug

5. Kurt Nilsen

The most popular countries for Norwegians in Kvasir:

1. USA

2. Brazil

3. Sweden

4. Peru

5. Paraguay

Top 10 searches made on Google from Norway last year:

1. Facebook  

2. Oslo  

3. Google  

4. Youtube  

5. tv  

6. translate  


8. vg  

9. you  

10. Bergen

All top 10 lists in both search engines show that Norwegians are somewhat similar to the rest of the world in their searches, being still interested in social media, celebrities, online newspapers and weather.

Which countries Searched Most for Norway on the internet?

1. Ireland 

2. Pakistan 

3. Denmark 

4. Sweden 

5. United Kingdom 

6. Finland 

7. Singapore 

8. Australia 

9. Philippines

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