A New Sex Scandal on the Horizon

Updated on 23 December
Hackers have published base on the web
26 000 users of sex-site is now openly available.

Last week, Norwegian daily Dagbladet had found some politicians, famous artists, wealthy business executives, top sports people and media employees in Norway bought sex from one of the largest marketplaces for sex shop and prostitution, website The newspaper today reported that hackers have acquired 26,000 user accounts who bought sex through the website and they will publish the list. 

The hacker group named Team Appunity writing to Dagbladet expressed that they are considering publishing the list entirety, so anyone can download it.

– We downloaded almost all files, including images, and almost the entire database with messages and user information. It was not well secured, it took us maximum of five minutes' work, “writes one person with access to the database, to Dagbladet in an email. 

Dagbladet had previously written that content from can be traced to many top people among politicians, officers in the military, people in the security industry, doctors, lawyers, celebrities and business leaders. At least three hackers will now have a copy of the database.

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