More Bureaucracy, Less Road

– The government does not use the billions of NOK allocated for road maintainance on asphalt. Instead, they spend more money on administration, says Conservative transport policy spokesman Øyvind Halleraker to VG.

Since the beginning of 2007, the number of employees in the Public Roads Administration has increased from 4584 to 6051. According to the agency's own figures, the number of new bureocrats has reached to 159 this year, while there are seven fewer employees in the department for operation and maintenance.

– There is obviously a lack of clear management from Ministry of Transport, says Halleraker.

In the state budget for next year, the Government plans to build 11 km new road and 17 kilometers of road traffic to be secured with middle dividers. 

Halleraker concluded that this is too bad for the government and they must begin to show results instead of coming up with big words and speeches.

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