Kazakhstan Celebrated 20th Anniversary of the Independence in Norway

Diplomatic corps in Norway and many Norwegian guests celebrated the independence of Kazakhstan in Gamle Logen, Oslo at a dance performance by NAZ State Theatre of Folk Dance group and a concert by the laureate of international vocal competitions Aliya Beisenova. The attendees enjoyed the variety of Kazakh folklore and foods which were served after the shows. During the reception participants discussed the latest presidential elections in Kazakhstan, the country's political transformation and how it has reached a “bright” stage in its development with its hard working people.

Opening the event, Kazakhistan Ambassador Ms. Mainura Murzamadiyeva noted that this year Kazakhstan celebrates the 20th anniversary of its independence and how the country conducted great reforms rapidly.

NAZ – State Theatre of Folk Dance. Winner of the II National Kazakh Dance Contest Grand prize winner of the IV Shabyt International Festival

Kazakhstan declared its sovereignty as a republic within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in October 1990. Following the August 1991 aborted coup attempt in Moscow and the subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan declared independence on December 16, 1991. It was the last of the Soviet republics to declare independence.

The years following independence have been marked by significant reforms to the Soviet-style economy. Under Nursultan Nazarbayev, who initially came to power in 1989, Kazakhstan has made significant progress toward developing a market economy. The country has enjoyed significant economic growth since 2000, partly due to its large oil, gas, and mineral reserves.

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