Butter Crisis in Norway Worries Danish

According to NTB's report, the merchant took this decision after having seen a program on Danish TV2 mocking the Norwegians' butter shortage. After the Norwegian media reports that the Danish dairies would not help Norway in search of butter, the television channel announced to send 1,000 butter packages to Norway. The presenters also called the viewers to help their neighbor country. 

– The Norwegians are good customers of the shops in Hirtshals, and we can do something, then they should not be lack of butter for their bread, says merchant Lunden to Danish the newspaper

About the Butter Shortage in Norway

Lower milk production have stripped store shelves of butter just before Christmas, putting Christmas baking in jeopardy. Market regulator Tine will not be able to provide enough butter to stores, and asked SLF two weeks ago to lower butter duties until the new year.

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