Breivik Back to Court

600 people have reserved place for incarceration meeting. Around 300 of these are regular listeners. It is the first time he meets the public after 22 July. Oslo Court Judge, Geir Engebretsen said to NRK that they have control of the situation.

Around 170 journalists, technicians and other media personnel accredited in advance. About 45 legal aid lawyers of some victims wish to follow the trial. We have no registration system for the public, so we do not know how many to come. We have a total of 570 seats, says head of information in the Oslo District Court, Irene Ramm to NRK.

Families of Victims are Concerned

The survivors of the attacks published a statement last week and expressed that they are highly critical of the idea of open trial.

– There is a broad consensus that we do not want Breivik will have the opportunity to promote himself and his ideas, says Arne Okkenhaug, who lost his son in Utøya.

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