Can we trust science?

In collaboration with the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Academy of Science, the conference probes the fundamental question: Can we trust science?

Wednesday 9 November in Aula:

The relationship between science, policy development and public opinion

Session 1:

The relationship between science and policy development. The main lecturer: Central representatives of the government.

Session 2:

How should we consider the endless stream of sensational healthcare news in the media? Should not we strive to ensure that both sides are heard and devote as much attention to various forms of alternative medicine to conventional medicine? What does it mean when scientists say that we must ascribe to controlled experiments, evidence and arguments more weight than individual experiences?

The main lecturer: Dr Ben Goldacre, author and writer of the column Bad Science in The Guardian.

Thursday 10 November in the Old Hall:

Science columns. Peer review and consensus reports. Values and variation

Session 1:

Can we rely on scientific arguments? Do not quality assessments and subjectivity turn out differently from time to time and for women and men? When can we say that the consensus among scientists is achieved? The main lecturer: Professor Naomi Oreskes, University of California San Diego, author of Merchants of Doubt. How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth Wed Issues From Tobacco Smoke two Global Warming.

Session 2:

What is the role of scientists (political) values for the results they reach? What representations can we have confidence in the interpretation of an event?

Science Year 2011

This year marks the 200 years of University of Oslo- Norway's first university. It is a good opportunity to put science on the agenda and discuss the place of science in Norway's future. Therefore, the government wishes to establish meeting places around the country with seminars, conferences, discussion forums and other events with different themes and target groups.

Science Year is the first stage towards a new white paper on science policy, which is scheduled to be presented in spring 2013

LOCATION: Aula / Old Hall on the University of Oslo, Karl Johans gate 47 .

PROGRAM: See the complete program here – Event facebook page

The conference will also be streamed on the Ministry page on and can be followed online.

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