«Precautionary» Steps Against Additives in Cosmetics

– Norway should focus more on the issue of parabens in cosmetics in light of what is now happening in the EU and Denmark, I would ask the Authority look at this again and in particular consider whether we should impose the same ban on parabens in products for children aged 0-6 months in Norway, says secretary of Health and Care Services, Ragnhild Mathisen.

Although all cosmetics must be labeled with an ingredient list, consumers may find it difficult to have a complete overview of the various cosmetic substances. Therefore it is important that consumers can trust that the products sold in Norway is safe, said Mathisen.

– It is important to emphasize that it is difficult to have an overview of everything surrounding us, but we want to avoid exposing our children to clearly dangerous goods. Norway will therefore be a driving force in the EU to be as restrictive as possible, says Mathisen.

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