Rejected Asylum Seekers Can Stay A Bit Longer

– All asylum seekers who have received a final rejection of their asylum application have the opportunity to stay in an asylum center if they contact the Immigration Directorate (UDI), says director Anne Siri Rustad. Rustad also noted 4,656 asylum seekers had final rejections in Norway in the end of September.

Returning to home country

The rejected applications have been evaluated by both UDI and the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE). Both agencies have determined that the applicants do not need protection by Norwegian authorities.

People who have a final rejection of their asylum application are obliged to leave the country. They can either choose to return voluntarily to their homeland or are forced by the police. Some countries do not accept their own nationals who are sent back by force . These persons can return home voluntarily, so long as they work together to clarify their identity. Until the return, they can stay in the reception centers. – Those who have approved their application for voluntary return receive practical help with travel and financial support up to NOK 20 000, says Rustad.

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