Breivik Back in Court

Breivik was transfered from Ila prison to the Oslo District Court with an armored car at 11-00 am on Friday.

During the first trial three days after the terrorist attacks on the government quarter and Utøya, the court had decided Breivik to be kept under eight-week custody, four of them in full isolation. The police now asked the court to extend the isolation period to finish the interrogation better.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the four-week-isolation decision is illegal. According to Norwegian laws, an accused can only be kept in two weeks complete isolation after the first prison meeting.

Breivik said the isolation is a sadistic way of torture, as his attorney asked the isolation to be terminated. However, the judge decided to extend the isolation time with another four weeks. The reason for the extension is the ongoing process of determining if he had any accomplices or not, as ending the isolation would give Breivik the opportunity to send and receive information.

There will be another trial after four weeks, 19th of September, to decide if the isolation time should be extended more.

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