Action Plan for Vocational Education Improvement

10 million is now allocated to skill development for teachers and the development of effective programs for teaching in Norwegian, mathematics and English in vocational subjects.In each county, a "hub school" shall be selected for a base for the development of such programs for each county. In addition, the Ministry has already established a partnership with 99 secondary schools in all parts of the country.

National Training Conference in Tromsø

Better implementation of vocational training was Minister Kristin Halvorsen's key message at the beginning of the National Training Conference in Tromsø.

– Many students and teachers find common subjects in vocational training that hinder students in their career choices. We must do training more motivating. I believe this will contribute to more complete vocational training, says Halvorsen.

It also created a network of teachers at the "hub schools" to be ambassadors for the project. Occasionally, teachers will be gathered from other schools to exchange experiences.

The Minister also pointed out that too many vocational students are struggling with motivation and drop out of high school:

– An important reason for this problem is that many students find common subjects have little relevance to the subject they train in. It can also be a problem that many teachers do not have knowledge about the vocational education's outcomes. To do something about these problems is an urgent need, says Kristin Halvorsen.

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