Flood Hits Trøndelag

A total of seven people were taken out of their houses that were surrounded by water. In addition, a woman was evacuated from a car roof on Monday night. Previously, it was not possible to reach to the area by helicopter because of the difficult weather conditions, but emergency teams have arrived the area to assist the rescue work.

Roads are blocked

Due to the rockslides and floodwaters in the area, several roads and railways in the counties of Oppland, Hedmark and Sor-Trondelag have been closed since Monday afternoon.

NSB announced that the rail line between Eidsvoll and Tangen in south of Hamar will be closed for several days, and the Røros line between Rena and Elverum will be closed at least for two days.

Also, E6 highway near Strandlykkja is re-routed along County Road 24. Highway 3 is also closed in several places.

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