Schools Will Help Children to Handle 22 July

Kristin Halvorsen said all children and young people have been affected by the 22 July tragedy, so it is important for all schools to follow up a pedagogical plan for this issue when they start in August.

– An important part of efforts to restore safety for children and young people is to strengthen our common values. All children and young people should be included in the community. It is more important than ever to promote tolerance and acceptance of equality in school. All children and young people, regardless of background, should feel welcome at school and in Norway, says Halvorsen.

She also emphasized that educators should ensure to get an overview of the affected students, arrange memorial arrangements at schools, monitor whether someone has a need for further support and increase the concentration on relevant subjects.

– A purposefully structured school day can be really helpful in a difficult time for students and young people, concludes the minister.

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