Behring Breivik's Idol "Fjordman" is Identified

The newspaper wrote the anonymous blogger is 36-year-old Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen. After the publication, Jensen warned the journalist not to visit his family or neighbors for interviews.

The Islam critical blogger from Ă…lesund lives and works at a daycare center in Oslo, according to VG. – I have warned my family about the case and will now go underground indefinitely for the sake of my own safety, he said.

The right wing "Fjordman" also confessed that his family and work colleagues did not not know about that blog is written by him.

– It is certainly a shock to them, and I apologize, said he.

In the section of the 1,500-page manifest, Behring Breivik writes that "Fjordman" is today's best writer and a tremendous source of inspiration. "I feel a strong bond with Fjordman's essays. He is the most talented right-wing essayist in Europe, "writes Behring Breivik.

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