Jerusalem Post Writer Thinks Utøya Massacre

Rubin wrote an article in the Jerusalem Post and used strong statements about Norway and Labor Party's Youth Camp (AUF) participants after the terrorist attack:

…One of the most sensitive aspects of the murderous terrorist attack in Norway by a right-wing gunman is this irony: The youth camp he attacked was engaged in what was essentially (though the campers didn’t see it that way, no doubt) a pro-terrorist program.

The camp, run by Norway’s left-wing party, was lobbying for breaking the blockade of the terrorist Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip, and for immediate recognition of a Palestinian state, without that entity needing to do anything that would prevent it from being used as a terrorist base against Israel., wrote he.

The Jewish community in Norway was shocked by the statements of famous Israeli commentator's statements.

– When we receive such comments and quasi-analysis from other countries, we think it is totally hopeless. Both in terms of timing that is completely inappropriate and nonsense, the director of the Jewish community, Ervin Kohn said to TV 2.

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