Norwegian Children Top in Surfing Hate Websites

The participants of the survey were asked whether they have visited websites where people discuss hatred messages directed against certain groups or individuals during the past 12 months. Elisabeth Staksrud, who has headed the Norwegian part of the survey, told NRK that hate websites are aimed at not only adults but also children and suggested there are some pages which are specifically aimed at children.

Staksrud identify such sites as hate websites directed against individuals or groups in society. She emphasizes that it is not the same as cyberbullying.

– These websites promote negative attitudes and hatred against other groups, but it can also be the individuals that children do not know. So it is not what we define as bullying, but there are web pages that contain the aggression or hate ideology, says Staksrud to NRK.

Staksrud have no answer to why children go to these pages, but she hopes a new study for answering it can be initiated soon.

About the Survey

This project centers on a cross-national survey of European children's experiences of the internet, focusing on uses, activities, risks and safety. It also maps parents' experiences, practices and concerns regarding their children's online risk and safety.

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