A New Bomb Suspect Leads Evacuation in Oslo

Police bomb team is in place and are now searching through the central station and ambulance are also on site.

The bus driver, Vådahl was warned by one of the passengers about the man left his suitcase and walked out by running from the bus. All other 15 passengers confirmed the situation and the bus driver called the police.

The man was described as 180 centimeters tall, African looking and wearing a white hat.

– We have bomb dogs on site, which will search through the bus- parked at the train station. We do not have any specific clues to suggest something at this point, says operations manager of Oslo police, Wed Grøttum to NRK.

A large area of central station is blocked, including several persons. This will cause delays in buses and train schedules until the situation is clarified.

Update 10:30 CET

Police has reported that nothing suspicious is found at Oslo S after searching the area.

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