Breivik's Terror Network to Be Investigated

Breivik has told us that he is a member of an organization with several cells in both Norway and Europe, but has not disclosed where these cells are kept. He also argued that these two cells in Norway and several in Western Europe will continue the war that he has started.

After these statments, Director of Public Prosecutions has ordered the Oslo police to have full responsibility for the investigation of both cases.

“He does not Behave like us”

Regarding the questions about the assailant's mental health, Lippestad argued the whole case indicates that he is crazy, but still he can not describe his personality.

– He is not like us, it is very difficult. He will be examined by medical personnel, who must consider whether he is insane or not. He says that he is at war and the western world does not understand his beliefs, but that they will understand in 60 years, he adds.

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