They are Afraid of Both Terror and Pickpocket Threat

The amendmnet published on British foreign Affairs website reminded there was an explosion in the centre of Oslo resulting in a number of casualties and causing extensive damage to the area and this was followed by a further attack at a youth camp on Utoya Island, 40km west of Oslo, which has resulted in a large loss of life. “Norwegian Police have requested that, where possible, people stay away from the centre of Oslo. In this frame, British nationals are advised to exercise caution, monitor local media reporting and follow advice given by the emergency services”, was noted in the document.

Fins are concerned about pickpocket

On the other hand, Finnish authorities warned their citizens to watch out for pickpockets in crowds.

“Do not leave any valuables visible in your car and there is reason to use all safety devices are in the car. There is crime in connection to the ATM. Be sure to protect your codes. Foreign beggars on the street can be distracting. Professional pickpockets moving at pedestrian especially in downtown Oslo and in the public transit funds in the rush hour. There have been burglaries in the lockers at the train station in Oslo, and luggage has been stolen, said the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

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