Good Words from Good People All Over the World for Norwegian People

The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce

The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce – Upper Midwest Chapter offers its most sincere condolences to the victims of the senseless violence in Norway.

The NACC – UMW is an organization who promotes bilateral trade between Norway and the United States. Our Chapter is based in Minneapolis and has member throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.


Peter E. Russell

Vice President, Board of Directors

Peter Varley

Please pass the condolences of all Australians.on to all the people and families affected by the murderous acts of Anders Breivik early on Saturday morning in Oslo.

Words are not enough to express what revulsion we feel at such a callous taking of human life.

All life is precious but particularly heinous is the number of young people who had just begun to live their lives and will not now ever have the chance to grow old. We weep for them all.

Perth Western Australia

Leeanne Ayres

We, the American people, share in your pain. The horrific, senseless loss of life due to the actions of an inhumane fanatic is a tragedy beyond comprehension. May you find a small amount of solace in that, from all corners of the world, hearts are reaching out to you and prayers are being offered for your behalf during this time of great sorrow. May you find strength and courage in the power of love and compassion.

Antoine Faure

As an ordinary Frenchman, I would like to bring my condolences to all the Norwegian families struck by this drame (I am myself the fater of two youngsters, 16 and 20 years old) and my solidarity to the Norwegian people.



Shaul Neumann

I am ashamed that this lunnatic supports Israel. We have nothing to do with his idiology. My heart goes out for the families' loss and for the the tragedy the Norwegian people have to endure. We all condemn his vecious act and think he shoul be sitting in jail forever!!

May god bless the Norwegian people and strengthen the families' heart.

A teacher from Israel

Patrick J. Malloy

I am moved to express my sorrow and offer my prayers for the victims, their families, their friends and your country.

I felt the awful news in something of a personal way as I worked years ago in the financing of offshore drilling rigs, with Statoil and Norwegian banks. I had then and continue to maintain the highest regard for your people, folks wonderful to work with.

God bless and keep you all.

NOW WE MUST STAND TOGETHER FOR THE COUNTRY WE LOVE is deeply shaken by the tragic terrorist attacks that struck the Government Building and the AUF-camp on Utøya. Our deepest sympathy goes to the victims and their relatives, which in this case, all of us.

The man who is arrested for the crime has been active on websites Although reject the polemical rhetoric that often comes from the content, we will also emphasize the principle that no group is collectively responsible for individual atrocities.

We must now have to express the disagreements, and unite in the struggle for a free, safe and inclusive Norway – we must stand together for the country we love and the values we all share.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait


Words simply cannot describe how things have curled

Oblong I will turn for sure in addition to being swirled

Regretfully whatever is happened cannot be unfurled

Lost are not only just Norwegians but the whole world

Decidedly it never happened there so they are whirled


Surprisingly on Fri 22 July 2011 the world was shocked

Having attacked two places peaceful Norway is rocked

Of course it had not even dreamt alike so all are locked

Civilian disguised as policeman opened fire and knocked

Killed are 93 people at two spots and the killer is docked

Exact figures may change later when each one is stocked

Devil Andreb Behring Breivik did it alone is now rocked


Offered he no regrets for killing as many as 93 and over

Vulture even don’t do alike hence be crushed by mover

Exited those men and women whose lives were not over

Resultantly each condemned whether ordinary or rover


Norway flag flew at half mast indeed all the global way

Of course King Haralad & Queen Sojna led as they pray

Ran tears on their fsces as to site & church came they

With heavy heart they lit candles and placed bouquet

Alas those who lost their lives have gone far too away

You and I cannot do anything for them except to pray


With my honest and solemn prayers

An Anonymous Ameican Reader

To the people of Norway,

Please know that we Americans stand firmly with you in this time of national sorrow. We always look to you as a strong nation and remember your bravery during WW II. We stand with you now as you mourn your latest tragedy.

You are in our prayers and thoughts.

God bless Norway

God bless the Norweigian People

Nancy Olson-Martin

My relatives, including my folks, live in the highest concentration of people of Norwegian heritage outside of Norway. As you can guess, that would NE North Dakota (Grand Forks) and Northern Minnesota. The traditions and ties to Norway are strong. Many of us have spent time in Norway. I know that many prayers (and tears) were offered this morning for Norway, in that area as well as world-wide and they included many religions. However, I am wondering if there will be an International moment of silence or a day/evening that we can have a candle or something to show our support of Norway during this horrific time.

Minna Good

I simply wish to let you know how much we in Walpole, New Hampshire, USA are grieving with you, especially the many parents who lost there children due to the thoughtless and senseless acts of the young man who perpetrated these horrific crimes. In church this morning we prayed for both your country and your people. You are not alone. God bless all of you.

Walpole, NH, USA

Marlee Stanley

Your tragedy is ours…We are so sorry. Peace and prayers,

Traverse City, Michigan

Steve Gresswell

A piece of music written by Steve Gresswell. He wrote this after seeing the tragic events unfold in Norway, a country he has spent time in and loves.

Alice Byrne

Everyone I've spoken to today here in New York Ciyi is horrified by the attacks in your country and prays for the victims and their families. We are with you.

Stefano Bressanelli

I express all my closeness to the norwegian people. we must not let these terrorists modify our lives!! so COME ON NORWAY! bye from Italy.

Markus Balcombe

Please can you pass my condolences to the people of Oslo and to the families of those at the Youth camp.

You are in my prayers

North Devon, England

M. Katherine Grimes

To the Norwegian people: Having visited your beautiful country many years ago, I was shocked and dismayed to learn about the horrible tragedy that happened in Norway. Please know that the hearts of many people throughout the world are breaking with yours.

N. Olson-Martin

As an American of Norwegian heritage, I am both shocked and saddened by the horrific events that occurred in Norway yesterday. My last visit to Norway was only 22 months ago with my husband and folks. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think something like this would take place in this peaceful and serene country. My sincere condolences to the people of Norway.

Jeff Kamen

My heart-felt condolences to the people of Norway, a kind and decent people who live gentle lives and have always raced to help those in need. As to the accused mass murderer arrested for the Oslo bombing and the massacre of innocents at the youth camp, it is quite likely that he acted alone because what he did required planning and determination, but no genius, no conspiracy beyond his own evil and the ideology of hatred that consumed him. There is a terrible similarity between the Oklahoma City bomber, a self-righteous right wing fanatic named Timothy McVeigh and the the accused Oslo bomber, another self-righteous right wing fanatic. Both men hated their Governments. both men used fertilizer-fueled car bombs and if you look at photos of the immediate aftermath of the Oslo bombing and the Oklahoma City horror, they are strikingly similar…

Jay R. Conley

I have visited your beautiful country and am horrified at this terrible act upon your young people. God bless all of you.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA


To our friends in Norway: though you may be far away, our thoughts are with you. I have always enjoyed my visits to Norway, and have especially enjoyed the warm-hearted people I have met while there. From America, our sincerest condolences go out to the people of Norway, especially to those who have lost loved ones as a result of this horrible tragedy.


Our sincere condolonces to the great friendly people of Norway.

Arab Muslim from Kuwait

Javier Benavente Ruiz

In any case, I want to express my condolences with the Norwegian people and the family's members who has suffered this awful and unjustified attack.

All our support from Spain to the Norwegian people and their lovely country

Roman Fenner

My thoughts are with the Norwegian people, essentially the families and friends who have lost their loving ones. Reminds me on the rampage taking place at the parliament house happenend in September 2001 here in Zug, Switzerland where so many people have been killed I knew personally. What a sad day!

Norman Barnard

Oslo is one of my favourite city's in the world, the Norwegian people are friendly and kind and the thought that this has happened to such a wonderful country has upset me greatly. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families involved and my wish is that peace is restored.

NB – Ashford, Kent, England


What a despicable act by a coward hiding behind powerful weapons.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the people of Norway.

Denver, CO, USA


In terrorist acts, no matter the origin, many innocent people have to suffer.

My sympathies and condolences to all the families involved.

Patrick J. Malloy

I am moved to express my sorrow and offer my prayers for the victims, their families, their friends and your country.I felt the awful news in something of a personal way as I worked years ago in the financing of offshore drilling rigs, with Statoil and Norwegian banks. I had then and continue to maintain the highest regard for your people, folks wonderful to work with.God bless and keep you all.

Patrick & Linda

My grandfather Samuel Edwin Myhre was born in Stravanger. If he were still alive he would be horrified and heartbroken as we are at this tragedy. We send our sincerest prayers and condolences to all those affected, especially the parents & friends of the young people murdered on the island. God be with you all.

Colorado USA


My heart is in Oslo today. Condolences from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Norwegians are brave and resilient. God bless you!

Romanians are with you!


The Norwegians are strong enough to overcome this act of terrorism. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Norway.

Fahri Karakas

We are praying for Norway – all of you, your friends, and your families as your Muslim brothers and sisters. We are all Norwegians and we are mourning with you. Our hearts and prayers are together. As the prime minister says, we will now work harder for global democracy, peace, and compassion.

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