Oslo Massacre- Follow Updates

27.07.2011 10:30 CET
Police has reported that nothing suspicious is found at Oslo S after searching the area.

27.07.2011 08:30 CET
Oslo Central Station has been evacuated: A man put down his suitcase on the bus and went off. Police is investigating the suitcase and parts of the city center is blocked.

26.07.2011 19:10 CET
Police have stalled the investigation about Anders Behring Breivik's claim that there are several terrorist cells. However, Breivik set prerequisites about imprisoment conditions for providing information about these terror cells.

26.07.2011 17:10 CET
World Islamic Mission arranges an open memorial service at the Oslo mosque in Ã…kebergveien 28B on 26/07/2011 at: 1800. It is open for everyone.

26.07.2011 15:13 CET
The names of the victims to be publicized this evening at 18.00

25.07.2011 17:13 CET
The total number of fatalities from Utøya island was updated on Monday afternoon. The number decreased to 68. This number may increase as the searches are still going on in the area. The number of dead after the explosion in Oslo has increased to 8.

25.07.2011 14:23 CET
Breivik declared that he is a member of an international order of knighthood. In the manifesto he claims that he would try to establish contact with what he describes as cell 8a and 8b cell in the beginning of March.

25.07.2011 14:23 CET
Breivik was remanded in custody for eight weeks isolation.

25.07.2011 14:23 CET
Breivik testified that he had to save Norway and Western Europe from Muslim domination. The aim of the assassination was to give a symbol to the people. Labour has betrayed the country and the people. The price for it, they pay yesterday, said he.

25.07.2011 14:28 CET
Earlier this spring, Anders Behring Breivik was with a friend when he tried to buy fertilizer, said a clerk. Now police is working to determine whether he had accomplices.

25.07.2011 14:23 CET
Anders Behring Breivik is back in custody after incarceration meeting. The decision has not been publicized yet.

25.07.2011 13:13 CET
People reacted Breivik's advocate: “Can you greet your client saying that he burns in hell” while he was entering in the courtroom. Some cried also, “How can you defend him?”

25.07.2011 13:13 CET
Terror charged Anders Behring Breivik arrived in Oslo courthouse in a dark car with tinted windows. A group of people knocked on the car and yelled with curse words to Breivik. He was taken to court through a secret passage.

25.07.2011 13:03 CET
A Polish man to be arrested in connection with the terrorist attacks in Norway. The owner operates a company that sells chemicals on the internet.

25.07.2011 12:23 CET
The court fears that the accused will send coded messages through media so they will keep

25.07.2011 06:28 CET
It was revealed that the police lost about ten minutes on the boat that carried the heavily armed Join forces to Utøya island, had engine failure.

25.07.2011 06:28 CET
Anti-terrorist unit of Scotland Yard Police is now investigating whether Anders Behring Breivik (32) is part of an international network of terrorists. In the police interrogation, Breivik had claimed that he belongs to an international order , the Knights Templar. He describes this order as a Christian military order that fights to liberate the West from what he believes is Islamic oppression.

25.07.2011 04:45 CET
All over the world, people lay flowers and light candles to honor those killed by terrorist action in Oslo. Sarah E. Saxton was council leader when 32 students were killed in a massacre at Virginia Tech in 2007. Sunday she arranged a gathering in Washington, DC – I know a little about how the families feel about it, and it is good to know that so many cares. We let the Norwegian flag at the Washington Monument, and many people signed the banner that we bring to the Norwegian embassy in the morning, Saxton says to VG Nett.

25.07.2011 04:38 CET
One of the terror accused 32-year-old's major sources of inspiration is a Norwegian Islam critic living in Trøndelag. The anonymous blogger who goes by the pseudonym “Fjordman,” says he has never had anything to do with the Behring Breivik.

25.07.2011 01:38 CET
According to Aftenposten Anders Behring Breivik told the police during interrogation that he planned on attacking two more central buildings in Oslo.

25.07.2011 00:45 CET
Police announced that the trial of Anders Behring Breivik will be closed to public and the press.

24.07.2011 21:25 CET
Anders Behring Breivik (32) said that he belongs to an international Christian military order who fight against Islamic oppression.

24.07.2011 20:25 CET
Doctor: The terrorist used a special bullet in the armed attack. This bullet type is banned in wars but allowed in hunting, which is literally exploded inside body.

24.07.2011 18:25 CET
It was revealed that the terrorist killed the only policeman in Utøya during the attack.

24.07.2011 15:25 CET
No explosives found at the location where the police arrested 6 people, and the detained persons are discharged. The police have no evidence to keep these people in connection with the terrorist attack.

24.07.2011 14:25 CET
Parts of Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto is the direct copy of the American Terrorist Ted Kaczynskis manifesto.

24.07.2011 14:25 CET
The number of people killed in the attacks rose to 93.

24.07.2011 13:45 CET
The terrorist's father says that he has not been in contact with his son since 1995 and had no idea what he planned.

24.07.2011 13:25 CET
Four or five people are still missing. Officially, 30 people were injured after the bomb explosion in Oslo and the police are still searching for missing people in the ministries.

24.07.2011 12:55 CET
Armed police raid in Oslo in connection with terrorist attack that hit Norway on Friday. Six people were arrested.

24.07.2011 11:55 CET
Armed police raid to a location in Oslo. The raid is related to the bombing and the ongoing investigation.

23.07.2011 21:00 CET
The bomb expert, Per Nergaard estimate that the bomb exploded in Oslo was around 500 kg.

23.07.2011 19:30 CET
The details of the assault in the youth camp come:After having shot the youths in Utøya for 1, 5 hours, Anders Behring Breivik surrendered voluntarily to the police emergency squad.

23.07.2011 18:30 CET
Police said that the safety assessment has not changed, and there still might be explosives in Oslo.

23.07.2011 16:30 CET
Do you have a missing relatives after the events in the city center or in Utøya: call the police from 815 02 800

23.07.2011 15:30 CET
85 are confirmed dead in Utøya and 7 in Oslo. These numbers may change. Policeis still searching the waters of Utøya.

23.07.2011 13:40 CET
The man who was arrested was a young man of Norwegian-looking, dark hair wearing shorts and t-shirt.

23.07.2011 13:20 CET
A young man was recently arrested by armed police at Sundvolden hotel, where the families of the lost people in the island, reports TV 2.

23.07.2011 13:00 CET
A man was arrested by police in Sundvollen at 13 o'clock. He was armed with a knife and said he was AUF member.

23.07.2011 12:00 CET
So far 91 people are reported killed at Oslo-bombing and Utøya-shooting. 84 of them are youth who were killed at the Utøya island.

23.07.2011 11:53 CET
Anders Behring Breivik, the assailant, is said to be a member of Freemasonry organization in Norway.

23.07.2011 10:38 CET
Today the struggle to build an even better and even more open society begins, said Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang.

23.07.2011 10:25 CET
Municipalities and counties across the country to create shelters for the families of the victims after the tragedy in Utøya.

23.07.2011 09:32 CET
Anders Behring Breivik (32) is charged with both the Oslo-bomb and Utøya-shooting.

23.07.2011 09:24 CET
Labour Party Youth Federation announced they will not give up the fight for the organization. – We shall return to Utøya, says Labour Youth League leader.

23.07.2011 09:23 CET
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labor) called shooting the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya a national tragedy. Later on Saturday he leaves for Sundvollen to meet the survivors and their families.

23.07.2011 08:33 CET
Anders Behring Breivik (32) is charged with both the Oslo-bomb and Utøya-shooting. He is charged under Penal Code section 147a of terrorist acts.

23.07.2011 08:30 CET
84 people are confirmed dead after the shooting tragedy at Utøya, police said. Death toll after the explosion in Oslo is seven.

23.07.2011 03:56 CET
Police reports that at least 80 people were killed in Utøya youth camp

23.07.2011 01:56 CET
Arrested 32-year-old called himself nationalist

23.07.2011 00:57 CET
The assailants identity is revealed. The 32 year old Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik is according to TV2 a part of right-extremist group in eastern Norway. He had two registered weapons, one automatic gun and a pistol of the type Glock. He started an agriculture company in 2009 and had hence access to artificial fertilizers which can be used

22.07.2011 23:51 CET
15 patients with gunshot wounds from Utøya and 10 injured after explosion in Oslo are officially receiving treatment at Ullevål hospital.

22.07.2011 23:49 CET
The police had the latest press review at 23:30 and did not report any updates.But Professor Tore Bjørgo from Police High School told that the pattern of the attacks is not very typical Al kaide or extremist groups and based on the physical evidences, he thinks it maybe a right extremist group.

22.07.2011 23:14 CET
The police suspect that this is not terrorist act, but a local variant aimed at the existing political system.

22.07.2011 21:23 CET
According to Norwegian sources, the attacker in Utøya is a blonde, 1.85 cm tall man.

22.07.2011 20:52 CET
20-30 people are said be killed in the youth camp attack, according to the witnesses.

22.07.2011 19:33 CET
A person is arrested for shooting at the Labour Party´s summer camp in Utøya, reports NRK.

22.07.2011 19:08 CET
Police claims the attack was against Energy and Oil Department

22.07.2011 19:05 CET
Four people were shot at the governing party Labour´s Youth League summer camp at Utøya, according to a County Secretary´s witness.

22.07.2011 19:04 CET
there have been 7 causalities in the government building and 4 people died in the youth camp in Utøya attacked by the police disguised person. One person was arrested about the armed attack against the youth camp but htere is no official verification. Police announced the attack in Utøya is linked

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