Faster Deployment of Foreign Criminals

– Our goal is to ensure more foreign prisoners to be transferred to continue serving their sentence in their home country, and this regulation will make it faster. In this frame we aim that the regulations do not put unnecessary barriers to the rapid treatment of cases involving prison transfers, said Justice Minister Knut Storberget.

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The Proportion of Criminals with European Background Grows Rapidly

About 30 percent of inmates in Norwegian prisons are foreign nationals. In four years, the proportion of foreigners in Norwegian prisons has increased by over ten percent. Those coming from three European countries make the largest group.

Lithuanian citizens make the largest group of the foreigners involved in crime in Norway, and the 77 Lithuanians are currently jailed. Poland is in second place with 72. On the other hand, the highest increase in three years occured among Romanians. In 2007, a total of 17 Romanians were jailed in Norway. However, the number rose to 163 in two years.

Proportion of Prisoners with Foreign Background (2010)

77 Lithuania

72 Poland

65 Romania

50 Nigeria

45 Netherlands

46 Iraq

29 Albania

25 Sweden

22 Iran

16 Denmark

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