Norwegian Support for Emission Cuts in Poland

Solheim attends to the informal EU Environment Ministers meeting in Sopot 11-12 July and before the meeting he took the opportunity to visit some of the many projects to which Norway contribute financially through the EEA Grants.

– Very nice to see the concrete results of this work. This city was plagued with very poor air quality partly because people had to burn the trash for hot water. , says Solheim in his visit to Dziegon, where energy efficiency measures are implemented in City Hall, municipal administration and several school buildings.

The Norwegian minister also noted that support for the protection of cultural heritage in Poland have had great significance, and there has been extensive cooperation between Norwegian and Polish authorities and cultural institutions. Solheim got to see the results of the restoration work at the Malbork Castle, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage list and has a special role in Polish and European cultural history. The project will have a positive effect on the region due. increased tourism, which in turn can lead to boom in the local economy and cultural activities.

– Malbork Castle is a very important cultural heritage of Europe. Here very important events occured in our shared history since the 1300s. I am pleased that the Norwegian funds may be contributing to the preservation of such an important cultural heritage, said Solheim.

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