Young People Must Be in Jail

Michaelsen, representing FrP in the justice committee, emphasized that young people should not serve a prison sentence in an ordinary prisonto keep them away from older heavy criminals. There are, however, some young people committing multiple crimes and it is not sufficient to keep them in the community, says Ă…se Michaelsen.

She also critized the government's proposed legislative changes for offenders under 18. Michaelsen is highly critical of the government’s disinterest in physical control over young people who have been convicted of crimes.

– Government proposes only social control. It is not acceptable. In addition, they want young offenders to serve with the law-abiding young people in institutions. The Progress Party is strongly opposed to this proposal, says Michaelsen.

She emphasizes that the severity of the offense must be decisive for whether the youth will serve in prison or be sentenced to community service.

– If a person aged 17 commits a serious abuse of a child, it must of course be punished by imprisonment even if the offender has not previously been convicted, says Michaelsen.

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