Foreigners Confused by Home-Made Emergency Signs

According to Norwegian Daily, Aftenposten, while the information about road conditions after the floods in Norway is insufficient, lack of proper English guidance makes the condition more challenging for the tourists in the country. Sami Hietalahti from Finland, who travels along with his friend Kimmo Kakko from Narvik and to Otta, said to the newspaper it is too bad not to be informed properly about the flood.

– Fortunately, the mother of Kimmo lives in Oslo and has kept us informed about the conditions, "Sami told to

Several foreign tourists who stay in flood areas are desparetly stuck due to the lack of information. Foreign visitors have to ask random people for help during the flood disaster. Information on the radio and traffic signs are only in Norwegian.

Local People Can Help

Gudbrandsdal police confirmed that all information in connection with the flood is sent out in Norwegian. Øystein Skotte, Communication manager in the Public Roads Administration says that they also have not taken account of confused tourists who do not understand Norwegian in flood areas.

– But we hope and believe that the locals are very helpful when it comes to informing and guidance of the tourists on the spot, "he said.

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