Norwegian Youth are not Lazy

In the previous days, Labour Minister Hanna Bjurstrøm (Labour) had stated that she is scared of lazy teenagers. This is wrong, "said researcher Tormod Øia at Norwegian Social Research Institute, NOVA to Aftenposten. Oia pointed out to a recent report showing that ninth-and tenth graders, who traditionally are at their most school tired and dropped most, actually was more diligent and conscientious in the last year compared with eight years ago.

– I can not see that there is a reason to argue that young people are lazier and looser than before. On the contrary, they have a rather strenuous life, "said he.

His colleague Annie Strandbu also argues that today's youth are more physically active than before, while Professor Gunnar Breivik at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences says the students hardly have time for eating and sleeping next to their school work and training.

– Adults are always talking about young people's laziness, incompetence and lack of morals. It is a mistake, but the world looks different now than before, and is constantly changing, "Breivik said.

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