Online Courses for Bear Hunters

From the very beginning of the bear hunting courses, there has been considerable interest. Therefore, we are very glad that the course is now ready for teaching, "said Environment and Development minister Erik Solheim.

The course is like an example of concrete action to make the management of the bears even more effective. To increase knowledge about the hunting of bears, and as a contribution to more quickly development of hunting traditions of bears, the Directorate for Nature issued a mission to the Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers to develop an online course for bear hunters.

"This course is a good opportunity for hunters who want to learn more about bear hunting. Today there is great potential to improve your chance to gain hunting license in Norway," said Solheim.

The courses are available on the Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers’ online websites which consist of videos, interviews and additional comments. There are controlling exams for each module and a final exam and then according to the performance, one gets certificate. The course is available to all.

The reason for the course is to regulate the population of bears, and thus to prevent future damage of species. Considering new regulations, only those who are registered as licensed hunters and who has passed through these courses can hunt bears.

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