The First Conference on Disabilities in Emergency Operations in Oslo

The conference is hosted by the Norwegian disability umbrella organisation, The Atlas Alliance, in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Persons with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to disasters and crises, both on account of disability and poverty; yet they are often ignored or excluded at all levels of disaster preparedness, mitigation and intervention. More than half a billion people with disabilities live in countries often affected by conflicts and natural disasters. This is well documented – most recently in connection with the flood disaster in Pakistan and Haiti. International representatives from humanitarian organizations will attend the conference and share experiences from Haiti, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories.

The conference is aimed primarily at individuals within Governments, the UN and International NGOs responsible for making disaster risk reduction and emergency response policies and implementation strategies.

Place: Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo

Date and time: 30 May. 08.00

Full program and information on the speakers are on the conference website.

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