Warns against Deadly Facebook Trend

Planking is the new trend on Facebook. Young people put themselves on the surface of publicly strange places and take pictures to show on their Facebook pages. The action of planking is promoted through a facebook group called “Planking Norway“. The group has already reached to 5000 members, and the number is increasing all the time.

– We do it because we think it is very fun. There is humor, you laugh at the pictures on Facebook,” says planker Jørgen Braaten to NRK. – You are usually mentally down in exams period, so it's all fun, “adds another planker Nicolas Brun Lie Knudtzon.

On the other hand, Jan Erik Haugdal from Trondheim police Department said they have banned bungee jumping and skydiving in some places and they may consider the same measure against this dangerous action.

About Planking

The trend started in Australia, and is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. It has also been known as “extreme lying down”. The term “planking” was coined in Australia and became a fad in 2011. Australian National Rugby League player David “Wolfman” Williams planked after a try during the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs Newcastle Knights game on 27 March 2011.

On 13 May 2011, a 20-year-old male from Gladstone in central Queensland was charged for allegedly planking on a police vehicle.

On 15 May 2011, Acton Beale, a 20-year-old male, plunged to his death after reportedly “planking” on a seventh-floor balcony in Brisbane, Australia. This is the first known casualty of the planking fad.Paul Carran, a New Zealander living in Sydney who claims to have invented planking in 2008, has been accused by Beale's friends of bearing responsibility for the death due to Carran's promotion of planking.Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, warned plankers that their “focus has to be on keeping yourself safe first”.

Golden Rules

When performing a Plank:

? You must always lay face down, ensuring your face remains expressionless for the duration of the Plank.

? Your legs must remain straight, and together with toes pointed.

? Your arms must be placed by your side, held straight and fingers pointed.

? You must make it known that you are Planking. Saying 'I am Planking' usually get this across. Sternly announcing it will ensure a good result.

? Your safety should always be considered. Properly thought through Planking procedures should always go to plan. Never put your self at undue risk.

? Every Plank that is captured must be named.

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