Is a Digital Toll for Media Coming?

This is the big question as the amount of online transferred data is to increase day by day. The leading telecommunication services provider Telenor believes that VG, NRK and other major media companies should pay for the bandwidth they need. On the other hand, media representatives suggest that Telenor is already making a substantial profit from the multimedia content which others create. Telenor's chief technology officer Rolv-Erik Spilling, along with VG Nett's Jo Christian Oterhals and Professor Gisle Hannemyr seek answers to these questions in The Nordic Media Festival, which will be held in Bergen from May 11th to 13th 2011.

About the Nordic Media Festival

The Nordic Media Festival is the largest media conference in the Nordic region, gathering 1,500 delegates annually. The conference offers a unique arena where members of the media industry can come together, debating key contemporary issues and become informed of the current trends and projections for the future. In addition, the festival is an important arena for social networking within the broad media industry.

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