Digital Compendium: Heading towards a Fee Charge at Universities?

EDUCATION-The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions or universitets- og høgskolerådet (UHR) and Norwegian copyrighting organization, Kopinor have been working to find solutions for digital copying and use of copyrighted works since October 2007. Last year, both parties agreed on a protocol that outlines a system for digital reproduction and use of copyrighted material in the higher education sector. The system is based on a fully digitized online system where compendiums will be available via the learning platform students are using. Once logged on, the students will have access to compendiums of their registered courses. In Kopinor’s system, which will be launched in the autumn of 2011, students will receive materials in the form of PDF files in a password-protected internal network. The institutions will be billed based on the agreed cost per page, number of pages and number of students who are registered to each course. The institution will also pay an annual subscription fee.

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