Good Tips for Easter Trip

Orange has almost become a symbol of Easter. Other fruits such as banana, apple and pear are suitable to have in your trip.

Do you like to grill, there are alternatives to the sausage. Whole corn is also suitable and can usually baked in aluminum foil. Sandwich with, for example cheese, ham and sausage wrapped in foil can be grilled or eaten fresh. Peeled banana with chocolate chips, wrapped in foil and heated in the embers, is a good "dessert".

Wraps can also be prepared before you go. For example, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and chicken, and a little dressing, folded lomper together and wrap in foil. How to make a tasty lunch when you want to take a break in the trip.

Alternatively, a mixture of nuts, raisins and chocolate taste greats and provides quick energy. Also remember plenty of water. It's easy to underestimate the need for fluids in solar Easter holidays.

God tur!

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