Mandatory Norwegian Tests in Place

With the new regulation, new residents have to carry twice as many hours as today or pass the required tests in Norwegian and social studies to get a permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship. Those in need can also receive up to 2400 hours of teaching.

– “We want to set both the requirements and arrangements to make sure the residents of this country learn Norwegian. It is important to get more people into work and strengthen participation in society. We see that many people need more hours than 300 hours to get an acceptable level," said the Minister of Youth, Equality and Social Inclusion, Audun Lysbakken. Lysbakken also reinstates that government has extended the right and duty for participation in Norwegian and social studies from 300 to 600 hours in this frame.

Who Needs Proof of Proficiency?

The aim of the regulation is to introduce the system of mandatory testing of Norwegian competency. Previously, there was only a voluntary test of Norwegian and no test for social studies. The Introduction of the new scheme also extended to include those who have been granted residence after divorce because of coercion or abuse. The government plans to implement this change within 2011.

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