An Ultimate Service for Media Gigs Launched

The service is specifically aimed at the PFU (Press Complaints Commission)-searches, and all content is taken from PFU-analysis, an editorial service developed in collaboration with, is a combination of a search engine and analysis tool. It can be used to search for the PFU-orders, much like a conventional search engine, but the results will also appear before you write something in the search field.

While conventional search engines show the articles that contain factual information you're looking for, the journalist's PFU analysis was designed to find the facts. The goal is to provide the answer to what you're looking for in a report on a single page of search results. At the start of the PFU-analysis shows a report with an overview of recent results, and other reports can be selected on the tabs on the side.

The service, which promises a great source for students, journalist and readers, is automatically updated with new content as new orders are issued, and will be continuously updated with new functionality adapted to user needs.

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