The Nordic Page March Issue

Build Your Future in a Nutshell:

Higher Education in Norway

Developed as a world class economic and social system, Norway presents a unique and exemplary national case. However, what the country can offer is not limited to this success story. Sustaining the current level of development depends on the country's prominent knowledge and research culture.

A Foreign Graduate's Job Seeking Adventure in Norway

After graduation, all students are nervous about finding a job and entering the workforce as a full-time employee. Especially if you are “alien to the market”, it is more stressful. As a recently employed international student, Atila's story unveils the challenge of getting a job as a non-Norwegian graduate and gives valuable tips.

Can Design Industry Save Norway's Future?

Norwegian Design is currently in a phase of transition. In this transition perod, the industry poses both challenges and opportunities for the players.

A Success Story: StokkeAustad

Will Norway Be Next Iceland?

Is it still possible to make money in the international financial market? While Norway is till investing in the stock markets in WEstrn countries, economists and polticians question whether Norway can sustain its economy wtih its current strategy.

If multiculturalism fails, modern society fails, too


In the light of Ap’s recently introduced integration plan, and the increasing debate on the failing multiculturalism all over Europe, it is necessary to question our policies.

Flexus System: A System of Dawn

What is Wrong with These Neighbors? Norwegians vs. Swedes

An Internet Deprived Life in the Middle of Oslo

Cool Side of Golf: Ice-Golf

….and More

How A Foreign Drugstore Differs From A Local Pharmacy

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