Here is Ap's Integration Action Plan

The document puts emphasis on the opportunities to participate in society and working life. – A common thread in our proposal is a powerful upgrade of training in Norwegian. Being able to speak Norwegian is an entrance ticket to the community. We will strengthen the Norwegian training programs in the introduction, in school and at work. It should not just be a right to learn Norwegian, but also a duty”, said Foreign Minster, Jonas Gahr Store while presenting the program proposal ” Diversity and Possibilities”

The proposed integration policy document contains 99 action points. Some of the most important includes the introduction of mandatory 600 hours Norwegian for all who come to Norway excluding migrant workers. Also migrant workers and their families from the EEA area who are in Norway for more than six months will have 300 hours Norwegian and community education.

The residents who would like to get citizenship will pass an oral and written Norwegian proficiency test. The language comptenecy will be controlled from the early ages and a compulsory language mapping will be done for children turning 4 years. If language skills are not good enough, they will get language support. As a part of this linguistic support, the system of free core day-care will be extended to more areas and eventually include the 3 -year-olds.

Skeptical Private Schools and Religious Communities

The report also suggests stricter examination of private schools to probe how the establishment of private schools affects the integration and to ensure the curriculum of these schools to help integration. Moreover, the scope of the third language will be extended and several world languages will be included in the curriculum in both private and state schools either in the form of distance education or formal way.

The Integration committee also stressed on the religious schools in the report. – There is a clear advantage that all children meet in the same school, regardless of background or their parents' beliefs. Community spirit and cooperation in the school contributes to fewer conflicts in the Norwegian society. Therefore, we are very skeptical of several religious private schools”, said the report.

The committee also suggested that Labor Party is concerned about the consequences of religious private schools that are primarily aimed at students with minority backgrounds.

On the other hand, the action plan of the Labor Party's integration committee requests all religious leaders working in Norway for more than 6 months must undergo a mandatory course in Norwegian and social studies with a final passing test, while the state will investigate a public register of all transfers from abroad for religious communities in Norway to ensure greater transparency in the financing of religious communities.

-We will meet a diverse Norway with confidence and presence. We will make demands and give opportunities. We will conduct integration for cohesion. This is the starting point of Labor's integration policy, “said the head of Integration Committee of Labor Party, Jonas Gahr Store. The Minister also expressed that their ambition is make Norway the world's most inclusive society, and a winning nation in the age of globalization by ensuring the strong foundation of Norwegian society based on democracy, rule of law, universal human rights, freedom, equality and equality. Store said this fundamental values makes a base for their integration policy.

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