Ethiopians will Strike for Months

During the protest, one of the asylum seekers was sent to hospital. The Ethiopian refugees in the cathedral stated they have a very simple requirement from the Norwegian government, which is to put an end to their miserable life as a paperless, and protect their children in this matter.

Among those who stay in the church, there are four children. Also, the church is under renovation, and conditions are poor with only two functioning toilets, and it lacks hot water.

– We can not have them here very longer than a few days, so this is problematic for us and becomes problematic for them. We do everything we can to keep the situation under control. At night, it has been quiet, and they have slept well, “said Dean Olav Dag Hauge to NRK.

The protestors hope that more politicians will visit the church to listen to the asylum seekers' views. During the visits of some politicians, the Ethiopians stated that their asylum applications should be processed individually and they claimed their applications are dealt collectively.

Deputy Per Sandberg from Progress Party (FrP) also visited Oslo Cathedral. The Ethiopians said they would continue their hunger strike to pressure the Norwegian authorities to consider their cases individually. Progress Party deputy chairman reacted and called the action as blackmail.

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