Kindergarten becomes compulsory

Ap's integration committee, headed by Jonas Gahr Store put forward a number of proposals for a new integration policy of Labor's National Board. In April, the General Assembly consider and adopt a new political integration platform. Accordingly, the parents of four year olds who do not speak Norwegian language well enough, may be required to send them in kindergarten to learn Norwegian. The committee adopted that parents who do not want to send their children to kindergarten may be forced to do so.

– We believe the biggest obstacle in children's participation in society and getting ready for school, is weak language skills. By age four, we will address this and take action that makes child's language can develop. We will look at different methods, "said Jonas Gahr Store.

Proposals from Labor's integration committee

-Introduction of compulsory language mapping at four-year. Children speaking poor Norwegian will receive language support.

-Preparing the regular education divided by gender, religion or ethnic origin contrary to the Education Act. Norwegian will be the common language in schools.

-Canceling the mother tongue education for pupils who speak Norwegian well enough to follow the common Norwegian language.

-Strengthen the special education in Norwegian schools.

-Strengthen the so-called reception classes and require proficiency test before inclusion in regular classes.

Aps integration committee, headed by Jonas Gahr Store, will present its proposals for a new integration policy for the Labor national executive committee on 8th of February.

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