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Remembered Shadow Nation: Illegal Immigrants of Norway

The deportation of Marie Amelie and her extraordinary story drew attention to the “shadow people” in Norway- undocumented immigrants. The “renewed” awareness of their presence has elicited a heated debate on the need to clarify and strengthen the rights of undocumented residents in the country. The Nordic Page provides a holistic view on the discussion and the illegal immigration issue and asks: why they come, how they live and what is needed for reform?

Who Wins the Media War on the Maria Case?

The Maria Amelie case and the ongoing illegal immigration discussions covered by most media channels from both left and right wings evoke the indecisive question of whether or not the mass media purposefully leads the public to support or reject a particular opinion.


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A total of 21 Norwegian films premiered in the first quarter of this year. Moviegoers can choose among a large number of Norwegian movies in all genres from comedy to drama and thriller.

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If you’re a frequent visitor or hard-to-please resident, you should have a look at the capital’s six five alternative touristic destinations we picked for you.

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