Norway Needs More People with Higher Education

– “We will need at least 20 000 new places in Norway. Several higher education areas are important for us to develop for sustaining the welfare of our community, “says Minister of Research and Higher Education, Tora Aasland.

The Education Ministry presented the first comprehensive analysis of supply and demand for higher educated workers in Norway. The report shows that there is a need for significant growth in training capacity at universities and colleges. Projection figures for 2020 indicate that 245 000 people will be needed on the study track.

– The analysis shows that the largest demand will be for teachers, scientists, economists and health care workers. “That is why we have given priority to these areas in the 2011 budget,” says Aasland.

18,000 More Students

With the new action plan in 2011 budget, there will be 18 000 more quotas for students at Norwegian universities and colleges. The investment is in excess of 2.5 billion NOK.

“We can affirm that education is probably the most economically profitable investment any country can make. The report also verifies this fact,” said Tora Aasland.

Facts About Higher Education in Norway

Formal higher education is provided at eight state universities, six technical state colleges and 23 state colleges. In addition to six other schools (five military colleges and Police Academy), there are three private technical colleges and 31 private colleges, 21 of which receive state support. The state and private institutions are regulated in a common law on universities and colleges. In autumn 2009, there were 222 920 registered students in higher education (60 percent women), according to Statistics Norway. 106 482 students applied for higher education in 2009 and 82.5 percent of them were eligible applicants. On the other hand, 90 183 of all applicants were between 19-29 years old. There is a clear tendency that applicants prefer the central districts. That is why the universities in major cities receive the students with higher competencies.

The proportion of people with higher education among the employed in Norway is 34 percent which the share is 25 percent business and 52 percent in the public sector.

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