Immigrants save church statistics

The report was presented under Dawn Forum on Youth With A Mission headquarters Grimerud outside Hamar showed that the church service is not decreasing thanks to immigration. "The report indicates a decrease in Norwegian churches, but the other immigrant-run-churches including Roman Catholic churches remain steady," says managing director Dawn Norway, Øivind Augland. He adds that this is good compared to many other European countries, where support for churches diminishes.

Surprise about Oslo

According to the report, barely half of the active Christians, about 102,800, is engaged in the Norwegian Church. Around one quarter, 51,900 are active in the Free Churches. Approximately one eighth of the Church is active in the Catholic and Orthodox churches, but this is somewhat uncertain due to lack of reporting. Undoubtedly, the Roman Catholic Church has grown fastest over the past five years, thanks to immigration.

– One of the most startling in the report is that 4.9 percent of the population of Oslo are active Christians, but the explanation lies in immigration, said Augland.

Accordingly, around 6,000 oslo residents gather in the Norwegian church and community members of missionary organizations, Free Churches and immigrant congregations on a typical sunday in average.

Within the Norwegian Church:

1993: 1359

2004: 1379

2009: 1423 (91 of these are houses of worship assemblies)

All Free Church:

1993: 1040

2004: 1132

2009: 1189 (149 of these immigrant communities)

Within the Norwegian Church:

2004: 118,000

2009: 113.000

Churches outside the Norwegian Church:

2004: 84,000

2009: 98,000

Chapel: 10,200 *

The Norwegian Church: 102,800

Churches: 51,900

Immigrant Congregations: 9,300

Catholic and Orthodox churches: 25,900

Independent churches: 11,100

* This does not include all houses of worship, but the 91 listed as separate assemblies

Total: 211,200

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