Post Office launches digital mailbox

In the spring of 2011, Posten Norge launches a new digital mailbox in addition to the traditional, physical mailbox.

Posten's digital mailbox system is based on people's street address in addition to the social security number. Thus, it is easy to find the recipients of the mail even if the street address provided with the digital mailbox is changed.

– In more than 360 years Posten has been a trusted body for the distribution of letters. Now, more and more conversations are done digitally. Posten will be part of this development, “said Dag Mejdell from Posten Norge.

Mejdell underlines that the competence and credibility of Posten Norge, will also be important in this emerging digital world.

Simple and straightforward

Digital messages have become part of people's everyday lives. The challenge is that each company has its system and the recipients must seek out multiple e-mail accounts, log on to the websites of banks, insurance companies and government agencies.

– With many web sites, user identities and passwords, it is not easy to be a consumer. When the Post Office is now launching this digi-mail, all the communication could be collected in a single digital mailbox, continues Mejdell.

Posten’s new digital mailbox is to ensure easy sending, receiving, managing and archiving important mails.

How about physical mail

The physical record has declined in the last ten years as a result of the transition to digital solutions.

– We are aware that our digital initiatives will have consequences for ordinary mail. But the digital record is here to stay. “says Day Mejdell.


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