Icy concert at Somerset House!

Isungset will be giving three concerts a day at Somerset House’s Riverside Terrace, playing ice horns, an iceophone and ice percussion, accompanied by Norwegian singer Lena Nymark. The instruments are all carved from solid blocks of ice brought from the mountains of Norway, some even from ancient glaciers. They are extremely fragile, and the performances therefore last for 30 minutes each only.

An evocative sound and video installation will also be on display in the space, meant to ‘transport the visitors deep into the Ideas of North’. Created by Phil Slocombe from Lumen media organisation, the installation aims to give people a distinctive experience of the Nordic climate and surroundings by projecting archive footage recorded by Mariele Neudecker for Opera North’s Winterreise (2003) onto the inside walls of the venue.

“We hope that the fragile nature of the instruments, as well as the opportunity to explore the sounds and sights of the Arctic and beyond, provide an opportunity for reflection as well as inspiration as part of this very special event.” the organisers say.

Isungset, named ‘Jazz Musician and Composer of the Year in Norway’, is one of Europe’s most accomplished and creative percussionists today. Born in Geilo, 1964, the artist has over 20 years of experience in jazz, and is known around the world for taking music far beyond traditional boundaries, particularly with his use of self-made instruments of natural elements such as birch, granite, slate, and ice. Isgunset has previously recorded no less than eight solo CDs, and will release his latest ice music album, ‘Meditiations’, in January next year.

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