Help for your electricity bill

-We shall not allow people with poor finances to worry about whether they can have a warm living room during the Christmas weekend, says the Local Government and Regional Development Minister Liv Signe Navarsete (Sp).

Navarsete said that this year's November was very cold and the cold blast has still remained in December in many parts of the country. Meanwhile, electricity prices have increased, many cannot afford the high costs of heating their dwellings. There will be a special challenge for those who have a poor economy.

The Government will propose an additional payment to anyone who gets financial support to help payment of the electricity bill. Extra payment will be NOK 2 500 for each household and 100 NOK for each additional member. About 125 000 households will be paid a total of 318.5 million in the frame of the support. The proposal is currently in processing at the parliement and extra payments can come in early March.

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